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New Blog - "The Vocal Technqiue Rabbit Hole"



Are we focusing too much time on singing technique and not enough on the Art of singing? Many issues arise from this unbalanced focus. When you're performing, recording your music, or simply singing artistically you need to be able to get out of your head. We must learn to sing more from the subconscious part of our mind and away from singing from an analytical place. We are NOT SINGING ROBOTS! Go to the Blog Page to read -

"Imagine" Rehearsal In The Raw


I'm thinking of recording a version of this timeless song. This is just some of a rehearsal I wanted to share, rough edges and all! It feels good to get out of my perfectionist self and share more work like this. I hope that it helps potential students get a feel for what I do.


Marzuki plays Guitar and Bass on new StarPeople Presents track (Guitars and Bass by Marzuki Grinage.)


Certification in The New Science Of Singing


Marzuki Grinage has Tested and Completed Certification in The New Science Of Singing created by John Henny. This program covers the cutting edge Voice Science as taught by Ingo Titze (One of the world's leading voice scientists) and Donald Gray Miller, PhD.

Marzuki Grinage recorded guitars on "My Dreams About You" by StarPeople Presents


Listen to an early Demo version of the song here while you can! (I don't know how long this will be up.)

StarPeople presents - Malcolm Marshall
written by Malcolm Marshall and Raliegh Neal (King Fuzz)
Marzuki Grinage on all guitars
Copyright 2016

Marzuki Grinage plays guitar on new song "The Best" by StarPeople!


StarPeople presents "The Best"
Written by Raliegh Neal and Malcolm Marshall
Guitar by Marzuki Grinage

Singing High Notes - 2 Biggest Problems and How To Fix Them!


Visit the Blog page to read "Singing High Notes - 2 Biggest Problems and How To Fix Them" by Marzuki Grinage. Includes Tips and a Free Voice Lesson! 

Great Tool for checking how Meds and Herbs affect your voice!


Check Your Meds: Do They Affect Your Voice?

Free Singing Tips Blog!


Read the new Blog for singers by Marzuki Grinage " Know The Difference Between Developmental and Performance Ready Songs! "

Voice Student Testimonial - Feona Lee Jones


Feona Lee Jones


"I have studied voice with Marzuki for nearly 8 months and the progress that I have made in that period would have taken me much longer had I went to another vocal teacher. He knows how to cater the lessons to fit all his students' unique and individual needs, goals and technical levels. When I go to lessons, I always look forward to learning something new and improving a little each time. With Marzuki, you can rest assured that he knows exactly what to work on to take your voice to the next level. If you are serious about making some progress in a very short amount of time, I highly encourage you to work with Marzuki! You won't regret it!" - Feona Lee Jones - Telepathic Birds


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