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COSMIC RAIN FROM CLOUD NINE I'm diggin' this. First of all this is some excellent music producing here - Let's start with the groove - the "up front" clap on two and four drives the groove along with the bass and kick tightly working together as one. Nice foundation to lay your ideas upon.There is also some tastey acoustic piano chordal playing throughout and a very fine acoustic guitar player (or pro sampling) as well as a outer space cool (heavily FXed) electric guitar solo. The song is in a standard radio friendly ABAB form with intros, interludes and solo in just the right spots. All of that said the main things that I love about this track are the male vocalist - smooth and heartfelt - very real - not trying to be anyone but himself - perfect performance - he is really selling the vibe of this song...(And also, I suspect singing the flawless BGVs) And - the "song" itself is very well written - by what I'm sure are some pro cats. Great stuff - I enjoyed the ride. Reviewed by: deank from Des Moines, Washington ---

GROWN AND SEXY Good productin and beat man. Nice vocal skills man, very neo-soul, for the grown and sexy, yeah i like that...

Mr. BWhite Smooth R+B, truly! Nice harmonies and nice lead. The kick drum really keeps the grove going strong. Barry White would be proud.”

KILLER GUITAR. NOW THIS IS R&B! Everything on this one sounds like a good example of the genre. The drums are tight, and the "clicky" snare sounds just right. The vocals are really good, and everything in the band seems to be aimed at setting them off to good advantage. This is a great effort. I would listen to these guys, especially if they have more songs like this one. So, for the band, the performance was professional, tight, and really excellent. I loved the song. It has that innocent love song feel, and moves really well. The production, likewise, is really good. It sounds like you spent big money, and a lot of time in the studio, to get such a good product. Nice job! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Production, Beat, Coolest Chill-Out Track. *Review of "When I Think Of You" (Demo.)

SOLID VOICE. "When I think of you: it makes me smile," I love those lyrics. Really a good hook. Good wedding song. I feel like this should have already been on the radio. Nice guitar solo at 2:00. Well put together. *Review of "When I Think Of You" (Demo.)

Nice funky tight bass catches my ear as well as the smooth lead vocals. Vocalist sounds very experienced and knows how to get his lyrics out, this guy sounds like he performs live as he has a polished style about his presentation. The melody is nice, quite a sweet feel to it and the backing musicians put down a nice tight groove which gives this quite a rich sound to it. Overall very good. Production on this one sounds very professional, this band must have a label. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody. *Review of "When I Think Of You" (Demo.)


VERY GOOD VOCALS The vocals in this song caught my attention right away. the vocals fit the mood of the song very well. It also has a cool funky bass line and drums. Good Job. *Review of "When I Think Of You" (Demo.)

-Haight Ashbury Free Press

“Grinage is an amazingly fluid guitar player whether holding down rather tricky and inspired funky rhythm patterns or letting loose outrageous solos.”

SMOOTH This is great - simple arrangement compliments the singer and the song. I have always been a sucker for real bass, so points there and I must compliment you on the vocal work in the chorus - guitar solo is very good too - extra points. Overall a superb effort. Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass. *Review of "When I Think Of You" (Demo.)


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