Groovality Live Recording Released!

Groovailty Live is a mixture of Blues, Jazz, Soul & Funk performed live in Berkeley Ca. Featuring vocalist/keyboardist Simon Russell (The James Brown Band, El Debarge, Pete Escovedo) drummer Billy Johnson (Carlos Santana, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Donny Hathaway) bassist …Read more

New Blog - Record Your Singing For Faster Growth!

Why you should record yourself singing for faster growth.

Every time I record myself singing I'm amazed that what I think my voice sounds like is not really accurate. We can't hear the totality the sound when listening to our…

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New Blog - "The Vocal Technqiue Rabbit Hole"

 Are we focusing too much time on singing technique and not enough on the Art of singing? Many issues arise from this unbalanced focus. When you're performing, recording your music, or simply singing artistically you need to be able to…

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"Imagine" Rehearsal In The Raw

I'm thinking of recording a version of this timeless song. This is just some of a rehearsal I wanted to share, rough edges and all! It feels good to get out of my perfectionist self and share more work like…

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