I'm thinking of recording a version of this timeless song. This is just some of a rehearsal I wanted to share, rough edges and all! It feels good to get out of my perfectionist self and share more work like this. I hope that it helps potential students get a feel for what I do.
It can be hard to find good technique teachers who you can also actually hear sing. What tends to happen is that the vocal coaches that can sing don't have good technical knowledge/skills to teach technique and the good technique teachers don't sing artistically. I think many teachers are afraid that people will think they're not "good enough" and end up hiding behind their teaching. I always wanted to be a singer first and also teach, which is awesome too!
Nobody is flawless, that's not what it's about. I'm constantly challenging myself but I don't want to be afraid to show my imperfections. We're all just human trying to do our best to figure out this thing called "life" and grow.