Record Your Singing For Faster Growth!

Why you should record yourself singing for faster growth.

Every time I record myself singing I'm amazed that what I think my voice sounds like is not really accurate. We can't hear the totality the sound when listening to our…

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Natural Versus Trained Singers. "Ignorance Is Bliss?"

Natural Versus Trained Singers. My observations...


I've had the great opportunity to teach many singers from all backgrounds and skill levels and I want to share some observations I've made regarding some of the differences between natural versus trained vocalists.

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The Vocal Technique "Rabbit Hole"

Are we focusing too much time on singing technique and not enough on the Art of singing?

Many issues arise from this unbalanced focus. When you're performing, recording your music, or simply singing artistically you need to be able to…

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Free Vocal Tips - The Power Of Hydration

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to improve the health of your singing voice!

When we sing we are using an amazing human instrument capable of expressing all of life's joy and pain through our voices. The best…

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