Know the Difference Between Developmental and Performance Ready Songs!

I was working with a singing student who has an upcoming performance and wants to sing a song that he really feels an emotional connection with for a live audience. This is great, but if there are parts in the song that aren't settled in, it will be very hard to let go and focus on what's really important…THE EMOTION!

It's critical to develop your voice to the point to where you don't care how challenging the song is, because whatever you're thinking will color your voice and be transmitted to the listener.

An audience doesn't want to hear someone on stage who sounds like they are thinking about technique, our job as singers is to tell a story and convey the feeling of the words, on pitch.

Don't misunderstand me...without a doubt, having a solid vocal technique and working on songs that challenge you are the keys to elevating your singing to the next level. But the purpose of good singing technique should be to help you develop the freedom necessary to allow the expression of whatever you feel inside. You think it and your voice responds without limitation or strain.

Even the hardest working, most talented singers will at some point want to sing songs that are more demanding than their current ability. It's true that you must constantly challenge yourself to keep growing as a singer, but don't make the mistake of picking songs that are too far beyond your ability to perform on stage or in the studio, if your goal is to sound great in an upcoming recording or live performance. My general rule is; if you have to think too much about technique it's probably too soon to perform the song for an audience.

The absolute best way to prepare and gauge how ready you are is by;

1) Working with a good voice teacher that can help you with problematic parts, pick the best songs and set the right keys for your voice.


2) Recording your rehearsals during the week and listening back. If you sound good you will gain the confidence needed to let go, have fun and express your Artistry! -


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