Guitar Lesson Student Testimonial - Eric Escobedo, The Mutilations


"I decided to take guitar lessons a couple years after I picked up my first guitar. Marzuki was my teacher. At the time I knew almost nothing, I always thought of me as a slow learner, and I wasn't sure if music was the right path for me, but it didn't matter for Marzuki. He is the most patient person I've ever met. He's very encouraging and kind to his students. He taught me everything I know; all my basic scales, chords, and reading, etc."

"Marzuki is the best coach, mentor, and friend that anyone can ask for. If it wasn't for my lessons with him, I wouldn't be where I am right now. It has now been almost 9 years for me as a dedicated musician. I currently lead a punk blues, garage rock trio band called The Mutilations that has played many shows and events around the Bay Area, that's written countless songs, that is finishing up recording our first EP, and that is getting ready to compete in the "Gorilla Music Battle Of The Bands Finals".


"I plan to pursue music in college and hope be a professional musician, producer, etc. Marzuki Grinage can certainly say that he had a big part with all of my accomplishments. I thank him or everything." Eric Escobedo, The Mutilations -