Learn Speech Level Singing - The Technique used by Legends!

Marzuki Grinage is a Certified Instructor of the Legendary Speech Level Singing Technique and am currently the only Certified SLS teacher in Oakland and San Leandro CA. Speech Level Singing is applicable to Pop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Opera, everyday speech, and more. SLS is used by singers such as Stevie Wonder, David Archuleta (Top 2 on American Idol,) Prince, Luther Vandross, Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, Ray Charles, Amy Lee (Evanescence,) Julio Iglesias, Josh Groban, Phillip Webb (Opera Star, who recently replaced Luciano Pavorotti in the "The Three Tenors,") among many others. For more on Speech Level Singing please visit; www.speechlevelsinging.com

SLS trains and certifies qualified teachers throughout the world. Only teachers that are currently SLS certified are allowed to teach the technique. The Speech Level Singing certification process requires that teachers demonstrate a correct understanding and execution of SLS through continual study including proficiency testing to be approved and certified. The Certification process was created to ensure that the purity and integrity of Speech Level Singing is maintained. SLS is not a static technique, but a process of continual education.

The certification process ensures all voice students that their teacher is on track and can therefore lead them into the education they desire. Teachers must re-certify each year in order to deepen their understanding of SLS, to learn the most effective tools and developments to better address student's needs. The Speech Level Singing organization provides a network of the most knowledgeable and gifted instructors for Speech Level Singing, a certification process that insures the quality of the instructors and informs the public of the instructor's expertise.

SLS emphasizes the development of the middle voice or "mix," which is a blend of your lower "chest voice" and upper "head" voice resonances. Having a mix allows you to sing without cracking, straining, or having to resort to a weak falsetto for middle or upper notes. Singing with a good mix is the way your voice is naturally set up to function and is a healthy way to extend range, build strength and improve the quality of your voice! You shouldn't have to push and strain your voice as you sing higher OR flip over to falsetto (you know that weak airy voice,), which is not a true head voice. If your voice tires easily or gets hoarse you are singing in an abusive way.

Singing too hard or singing too airy can both cause damage to your voice. Many singers strain or have to sing in falsetto any higher than E flat, E, F, F# or G above middle C (for most males,) or a G#, A, A#, B or C above middle C (most females.) This is a specific problem that is very common among singers. When you're singing correctly the listener will hear one voice from the bottom to the top of your range. If you HAVE to sing louder as you move up through your range than you are forcing your voice. It can be important to sing loud but this should be for dynamics rather than a necessity for hitting higher notes!

Contact Marzuki Grinage to schedule a no commitment trial lesson. (At regular rate.) Expect to experience positive changes in the first lesson! You will learn safe and effective exercises that when practiced for as little as 15min per day will immediately begin improving the health and balance of your voice. Application of technique to songs is also offered (any style.)
It is not uncommon for the first Speech Level Singing lesson to resolve difficulties that have been troubling a student for many years. Students include Professional Singers, Actors, Teachers and Beginners. LOCATION: Oakland Voice Studio @ 7th Ave & Park Blvd. *LESSONS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SAN LEANDRO. Beginners are welcome! Contact #(510) 866-3046 or email to schedule a lesson.